Naupaka Flower Essence

Night Blooming Cactus Essence encourages your energy to open up and let your inner light shine- to illuminate through your thoughts and intention with the beauty that exists in and around you. Night Blooming Cactus Essence can moreover help align you with the feminine and divine energies of the moon goddess, known in Hawaii as Hina, and to sync with her cycles -as well as other cycles in nature -teaching you to reset your “internal clock” accordingly. This can include your circadian rhythms, so that your life follows certain patterns and intentions – such as awakening and sleeping, cleansing and releasing. Synching with nature- such as during new and full moons along with taking the time to align your intention (i.e. such as with the new beginnings), is a powerful way to do just this. Night Blooming Cactus Essence can also help you if you tend to fear the night -either because you feel unsafe, as the darkness represents the unknown, or because you struggle with being unable to sleep and/or dread sleepless nights. It may moreover enhance the power of your intuition and the quality of your dreams and/or your ability to interpret, recall and/or remember them.