Malay Mountain Apple Flower Essence (Mountain Mrytle)

Malay Mountain Apple Essence, known in native Hawaiian as Ohi`a `ai, helps to clear the heart chakra, and is thought to be especially valuable for healing heartache. This essence can help you to release old, hardened feelings- such as resentments and/or unhealthy attachments, allowing you to experience a greater sense of peace and freedom. The treeflower has an enchanted, etheric energy to it that inspires happiness and joy- and by working with this Essence you might find yourself expecting a flurry of faeries to magically come forth. In fact, Native Hawaiians have long since treasured this magical plant, as traditionally all parts of the plant were used medicinally- for everything from wound healing to sore throats. It is also valued medicinally as a cleansing drink for women after giving birth and is believed to ameliorate their recovery. Malay Mountain Apple Essence is excellent for helping to magnify your field of attraction, for practicing “being seen” while implementing healthy boundaries and discernment. Malay Mountain Apple Essence also helps to develop your intuitive antenna; helping you to send your “feelers” out into the environment, so you can better read the energy around you.