Kohai Flower Essence

Kohai Flowers (aka Vegetable Hummingbird Tree Flowers) have historically been used to treat sinus congestion, while the leaves have been used for healing sprains, bruises and rheumatism. Tea made from the leaves is also believed to have antibiotic, antitumor and contraceptive properties. The plant has also been used to treat diabetes and malaria. Kohai Essence is a powerful catalyst for opening the Energy Field for healing. You can make your energy more receptive to Flower and Mineral Essences and vibrational energy healing in general. It’s essence is energetically beneficial for opening subtle channels between the hands and heart, and may help clear blockages that accumulate in the arms and hands. It may also benefit opening of the throat chakra And self expression as it relates to your throat and hands- writing, typing, painting, playing music, cooking and even healing may all benefit from working with this Essence.