Wild Hawaiian Kolu Flower Essence

Kolu (aka Iniko or Indigo) Essence can help with balance of internal energy systems, including desire for certain cravings and maybe even a tendency to divulge in sweetness (which may equate to sugar and other excessive cravings). It may be good for overcoming bitterness and resentments and coming into greater joy. It also nourishes the energy field of blood and thus may encourage you if you have an eating disorder or issues around food, to properly nourish and nurture yourself. Psychospiritually, the same underlying energy that makes you a sugar addict could also lend itself to the tendency to “spiritually bypass”; ie wanting a constant high or to be established in the feeling of eternal bliss (without ever dealing with challenge or difficult aspects of life).

Kolu Essence may help you to reign in addictive habits or cravings for highs, and come to appreciate that the best things in life are not necessarily the sweetest. After a while, too much sweet rots your teeth. To really experience the sweetness of life, contrast, moderation and balance are needed. Our Kolu Essence may help you find and connect with the little things in life that bring lasting sweetness and the experience of true joy.