Haole Koa


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Uplifts & Nurtures the Soul
Confers Abundance Mindset
Cultivates Growth & Expansion

Teaches you to be multifaceted, adaptable, and strong. Nurtures the soul. Brings a sense of vigor to your constitution. Helps develop your innate abilities.

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Haole Koa Flower Essence

Haole Koa Flower Essence teaches you to be persistent, adaptable, and strong. Its essence nurtures the soul and brings a sense of vigor to your constitution. It also helps you to cultivate faith, which is trusting that which you cannot see. Indeed Haole Koa Essence can help you find and align yourself on the inside so that you continue to navigate and expand on the outside.
In fact, the plant itself was once so abundant it provided ample vegetation for cattle and other wildlife (i.e. on the Hawaiian islands), and similarly, its ssence confers to you a mindset of abundance consciousness- so that you continue to grow and expand however you can.

Haole Koa is an uplifting Essence that also helps you develop and evolve your own innate abilities, as often you become who you are because of challenges (and trauma) experienced early in life. This essence can help you “transform your traumas”, aiding you in funneling challenging experiences toward personal growth. It moreover brings greater depth of intuition and compassion (for self and others), as well as expanded perspective.

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