Goutystalk Nettlespurge Flower Essence

Goutystalk Nettlespurge Essence acts to energetically stimulate your powers of concentration, focus and problem solving. It works to energetically enhance your mental organization processes, as well as benefit organization on an internal level, helping you to better organize and process information. As such, it may be especially helpful during times of stress and overwhelm. Goutystalk Nettlespurge Essence may also help to [energetically] facilitate greater cooperation and communication between individuals and increase harmony in groups. It may especially benefit you if you are a student seeking greater understanding in your studies, or if you are needing to experience a breakthrough in understanding in order to intellectually process information. This essence may also help you if you have a sensitive nervous system or if you have undergone serious trauma, to repattern, regenerate, and heal. Tip: Pair with Black or Dravite Tourmaline or Brown Calcite for enhanced grounding.