Golden Eldorado


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Accessing Higher Heart Center
Promoting Forgiveness
Enhancing Meditation

Good for meditation. Helps you to synchronize body, mind, and spirit so that you can focus yourself pointedly. Good for group meditations and for bringing energies together.

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Golden Eldorado Flower Essence

Golden Eldorado Flower Essence acts on the Anahata or Heart Chakra, enhancing access to your higher heart center and increasing feelings of love and light. It benefits all forms of meditation – especially heart-centered meditation- and encourages oneness of heart and mind. Golden Eldorado Essence moreover helps synchronize body, mind, and spirit, and aids your ability to align all three wheels, strengthening your ability to focus. It inspires purity of spirit and brings out that which is “untainted” inside you, helping you tap into your child-like innocence and letting your inner light shine through. It further promotes forgiveness – the breaking down of resentments – and assists in helping you let go of the “inner walls” that could otherwise prevent you from experiencing true Divinity. Its Essence also works to alleviate energies underlying conditions of the physical heart and encourages getting to the true heart of any matter… so you can let go of what needs to be released and move forward with a clean slate. Golden Eldorado Essence can also help you develop greater intuitive powers, slowly helping you open to your heart’s innate inner knowing, and encouraging you to evolve. It can moreover strengthen abilities of telepathy – between individuals and with pets – as well as enhance your ability to harmonize in groups.

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