Flaming Torch Ginger Flower Essence

Flaming Torch Ginger Essence enhances strength and promotes vitality. Its Essence has a grounding yet fiery energy that helps invoke passion for life.
It’s Essence helps catalyze the release of anger, frustration, resentment, grudges guilt, shame, and rage and can help moderate a “hot temper.” It further can help you overcome from ambivalence, complacency, lack of motivation, and/or feelings of depression*. Its essence transmutes negative energy and can help bcward off nightmares, night terrors, and other subconscious fears that stir while you sleep.

Flaming Torch Ginger Essence helps open and align all major chakras and meridians, allowing your life force energy to rise, extending all the way up into your crown. It stimulates your kundalini (creative energy) and helps you stay rooted, connected to earth, whilst spiritually opening to higher levels of experience, increasing your connectivity on all levels, and helping elevate your creative potential. It may be beneficial for you if you are trying to find your “twin flame”, or karmic soulmate, or to attract somebody that is aligned with your current vibrational frequency into your life.