Easing Procrastination
Coming From Your Heart
Confidence & Self Expression

Helps you attain a calm, collected and self-assured demeanor, which can be especially beneficial prior to any type of public speaking or artistic expression.

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Cosmos Flower Essence

Cosmos Flower Essence helps you attain a calm, collected and self-assured demeanor, which can be especially beneficial for you to use prior to any type of public speaking. It can also help you overcome tendencies to be shy, soft-spoken, or introverted. It may also be helpful if you tend to procrastinate for lack of specific or clear focused intention. If your speech tends to be disoriented or if you have trouble saying what you feel, or speaking from your heart, Cosmos Essence may help you speak from the heart and say your truth. It has balancing effects on both the heart and throat chakras and helps balance the bridge between heart and throat. In this way, working with this essence before any type of artistic expression may also be beneficial for you.

It may help you in social situations if you tend toward over intellectualizing information in conversation, or come off cluttered or tangential simply because you maintain so much data in your mind, such as scientific researchers or other analysts who are overly absorbed in their problem solving or mental work. Cosmos Essence can help you open up and casually assimilate the energy of your audience so that you may engage, speak, and listen in a more relevant matter.

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