Phalaenopsis Orchid Blend


Raising Your Vibration
Clearing Heart & Higher Chakras
Preventing Energy Drain/Depletion

Encourages a Vibrational Lift in Consciousness which would aid your spiritual growth, but also on a more practical level, helps you lift above situations or issues that would normally cause energy depletion.

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Phalaenopsis Orchid Flower Essence Blend

Phalaenopsis Orchid Master Essence Blend draws on an array of over 20 diverse Phalaenopsis Orchid plants, all chosen for their high, and unique, energetic frequencies. It works on the heart and crown chakras, helping to bring about greater joy and compassion for all beings, allowing you to, at least temporarily, experience what it’s like to live from a place where there is only love, harmony and oneness.

This Essence further increases your vibrational frequency, allowing you to “lift out” of lower energetic states and feel connected to and supported by frequencies of love and light. It helps align your chakras from your Heart center all the way to source energy, ascending through your crown and above, connecting you as though by a cone or spiral of energy that ultimately merges into and with source light.

This connection with source is a catalyst for your prana (or life force energy) to rise, surging along your spine, clearing samskaras that would prevent or hinder its flow. This encourages a “vibrational lift” in consciousness which would aid your spiritual growth, but also, on a more practical level, help you lift above situations or issues that would normally cause energy depletion, and fatigue.

Phalaenopsis Master Orchid is great if you are a health and healing practitioner, to help you stay in a high vibrational state, so essential for keeping your energy protected from cross transference (and other client/practitioner issues).

Tip: Try applying this essence immediately if you encounter feelings of low energy or sense your vibration is lowering, and take three quick inhales and exhales in and out through your mouth, visualizing yourself lifting up higher and higher, rising above negativity as you raise your vibration and lift into a higher energy state.

Notes on Spray versus Drops: Used as a room spray, it helps clear out negative vibrations in your home and/or office spaces, by allowing source light to flow in. Used as an aura spray, especially over your crown, back of your heart, base of skull, and neck area, it creates a vortex that envelops your heart, widening as it rises, until you’re connected all the way to source energy, helping you in clearing energetic attachments such as entities in these regions. Used as drops, this essence works on deep internal levels, getting inside blockages and encouraging their release from within. The long term benefit of working with this orchid essence is, having experienced this “higher state” and connection with source light, that you naturally begin to anchor it increasingly in your daily life.

Made up of several individual Phalaenopsis orchid essences, including the ones shown.

Ingredients include Vibrational Infusions of an array of Phalaenopsis Orchids in Purified Water & 15% Brandy.

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