Nine Gemstone Essences Kit


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Contains 1/2 ounce droppers of each of the following Gemstone and Precious Metal Essences:

Ruby, Wulfenite, Yellow Sapphire, Green Tourmaline, Turquoise, Platinum, Dravite Tourmaline, Charoite, White Coral (Hawaii)

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Our Nine Gemstone Essences Kit contains 1/2 ounce droppers of each of the following Gemstone and Precious Metal Essences:

  1. Ruby Essence: Balances and Stimulates Heart Chakra. Eases issues that stem from the Father.
  2. Wulfenite Essence: Creative Manifestation. Aids in the process of transforming an idea into a reality. Helps release old and unhealthy beliefs.
  3. Yellow Sapphire Essence: Balances Solar Plexus Chakra. Brings prosperity.
  4. Green TourmalineEssence: Balances Heart Chakra. A natural healer this essence may be especially helpful with mental/emotional conditions.
  5. Turquoise Essence: All chakras, meridians, subtle bodies balanced and aligned. This particular essence is especially cleansing for throat and third eye chakras.
  6. Platinum Essence: Clears away mental/ brain fog so that ones’ energy can be more productively utilized (ie towards ones goals).
  7. Dravite Tourmaline Essence: Extremely grounding and protective. Strengthens ones’ earth connection and has a healing effect on issues associated with the foot chakras.
  8. Charoite Essence: helps to ease physical tension so that the crown and third eye chakras may open; aids communication between the brow and heart chakras (activating the “heart-mind” or ones innate intuition)
  9. White Coral (Hawaii) Essence: Strengthens the brain and aids concentration and powers of memory (including ancient memory)

Note: For those of you familiar with the properties of gemstones, remember that the difference between a Gemstone Essence versus a Gemstone can be like the difference between ice and water; they are the same at the core but can be a dramatically different experience!


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