Yellow Diamond Essence

Yellow Diamond Essence helps you open to the download of spiritual light that is available from behind the sun, the source of much healing on this planet. It helps you channel the pure sunlight energy into your spiritual cells, where it can be more readily absorbed. Carrying a higher light quotient can help strengthen your spiritual and energetic shield, increase your organic energy, build your Pranic reservoir (or increase the “mana” (Hawaiian word for internal power) in your sub soul. It can help empower you as a spark of God’s Light, to know your divine worthiness, and connect with your soul’s purpose. It helps remind you of the light we all carry within our soul, and to find joy in everyday life.  Taken with (safe) exposure to sunlight, it may help stimulate and energize subtle energy centers in the brain and mind, and may help power your intellect and your mental drive so that you meet with greater success in life. Yellow Diamond Essence further bestows energies of attracting, and helps with manifesting prosperity.

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