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Creative Channeling
Manifesting Abundance
Womb Cleansing ~ Female Issues

An essence of physical manifestation, helps you materialize that which you have envisioned to create.

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Wulfenite Essence

Wulfenite is an essence of physical manifestation and helps you materialize that which you have envisioned to create. It encourages connectivity to higher energies available on Earth plane. It romotes grounded-ness while at the same having the potential to dramatically shifting you into a new space. Wulfenite Essence can also help inspire optimism and balance pessimistic tendencies. It can help you tap pure potentiality and channel it to manifest abundantly.

If you are a woman who has suffered miscarriage or gone through abortion, or who experiences hormonal imbalance, especially if you become spiritually and emotionally distraught, you may benefit from this Essence for cleansing your womb both symbolically and energetically.

Wulfenite Essence can be a powerful manifestation tool as the womb is where you go to create life, and thus clearing the womb is a powerful tool for Re-birthing yourself and birthing new things, new ideas or projects into life.

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  1. Sally B.

    I was out of work and quickly running out of money and resources. I am artistic and very good with visualizing what I want to create but somehow unable to create the life I want for myself. I started taking this essence and meditating a lot about what I could do for work. I’d applied everywhere within my field and nothing was turning up. Suddenly one day after a week or so on this essence it hit me- animal care! I had experience in my past house sitting and could get good references. However I was in a new place where I didn’t know so many people. I kept using the essence and visualizing. I had business cards made and started handing them out to everyone I knew. Within a few days I landed my first job house sitting for pets for 3 weeks- right at the time my landlord was kicking me out! From there I was able to get referrals and I have been in a much different position. I know this essence helped shift my energy so I could actually bring my vision to fruition. Energetically I aligned with the right people at the right time and I know the shifts in my energy helped me do this.

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