White Tourmaline Essence (Uvite)

White Tourmaline Essence uplifts your spirits and inspires peace and tranquility, as well as promotes a sense of higher direction and purpose. It helps you cultivate greater awareness and clarity of mind and can help buffer stress from your energy during challenging times. White Tourmaline Essence balances the solar plexus and crown chakras, which may help with issues related to digestion and the spleen, as well as mental-emotional problems (i.e. such as an over-active mind). It further helps balance your male and female or yin/yang energies, and brings greater harmony between body and soul. White Tourmaline Essence moreover – especially when coupled to spiritual practice (i.e. such as meditation or prayer) – can act as a bridge or gateway facilitating the connection between your physical body and upper or “ascension chakras” (i.e. the energy centers beyond your crown).

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