White Moonstone Essence

White Moonstone Essence acts on your crown chakra, enhancing meditation and connecting you with your higher self and/or spiritual counsel. White Moonstone Essence is believed to relate to the Christ consciousness and angelic realms, as well as to inspire important insight and revelations through your dreams. It is moreover believed to help ease nervous energies and soothe tension so you can more readily find relaxation, and even sleep. It further helps you adjust to travel and unexpected shifts in schedule, time, and location. White Moonstone Essence moreover evokes a soothing, nurturing energy that inspires purity and new beginnings and is an excellent choice of essence for you if you’re a new mother and/or if you’re looking to heal issues with or surrounding your own mother (or mother figure). White Moonstone Essence furthermore has a luminescent quality that inspires introspection and enhanced powers of intuition. It can help you harmonize with lunar cycles- which may be especially important if you are a woman struggling with hormonal issues and or interrupted sleep cycles related to the moon.

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