White Calcite Essence

White Calcite Essence carries the properties of the Master Blend with an emphasis on helping you to process subconscious fears, especially those related to repressed (i.e. blocked or forgotten) memory stored within your subconscious and/or unconscious mind. It helps you to process and release these memories so that you have a greater understanding of your feelings- especially those related to unconscious fear, worry, and anxiety – so that you can move into a place of increasing love, light, and serenity. White Calcite Essence is highly purifying, cleansing and clarifying. It brings freedom from emotions that would entrap you and/or prevent you from releasing the past and any offenses, hurts or harm that come with it.

White Calcite Essence further helps you find your path in the midst of challenge and transition. It inspires joy and can be a stabilizing essence during times of grief and disappointment. It’s further beneficial for meditation- to support and balance your crown chakra- as well as for strengthening your auric shield, bringing increasing psychic and energetic protection. It helps align all your chakras (through to your crown) as well as encourages forgiveness and the release of resentments.

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