Tibetan Smoky Quartz Essence

Tibetan Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz Essence can help you learn to start vibrating at your full potential. It attunes you to higher levels of being that are beyond realm of thoughts and the mind and can help you transcend day to day pettiness and grudges so you can connect on a higher level to source energy. It helps you to pull source light down around you like an umbrella and simultaneously, to amplify the light, it helps you pull in. When you hold this higher space by working with this Essence over time, your upper chakras naturally develop rendering intuition and wisdom more easy to attain.

Tibetan Smoky Quartz Essence as a spray (found in our Quartz Master Blend Spray) is powerful for charging the energy in a room to amplify and uplift positivity. It can help raise the vibration of the space or place to prepare it for meditation or healing work.

It a also can help open your heart chakra to more love and your crown chakra to receiving more light whilst keeping you grounded; it helps clear energy around your base chakras and the earth itself so that it is easier to be present while holding the light.

View our Quartz Master Blend, which contains all of our different Quartz variations.