Selenite Essence

Selenite Essence is purifying and cleansing to the mind-body and emotions.  It helps to detoxify your physical body, restore emotional balance, and helps increase internal harmony.  Valued by energy healers and spiritual practitioners alike, it is a powerful detoxifier and balancer for your body’s electrical field, restoring equilibrium and flow to your nervous system energies. It is further believed to increase intuition, enhance psychic ability, and promote dream recall.

If you’re a healing practitioner, or you work with clients, patients, students and/or are “hands on” and sensitive to outside energies, or if you are simply the empathic type and tend to “take on” energy from others, working with Shanti Kai™ Selenite Essence (especially at the end of the day) can help you cleanse and purge, releasing any negative or unwanted energy. A natural energy conduit, Selenite Essence, whose name derives chemically from Selenium, a naturally occurring mineral and organic salt, aligns and works with your electrical circuitry, opening and balancing the flow of energy that runs along your spinal column (often referred to as the kundalini), so that you can once again vibrate at your optimal frequency.

Selenium Essence can also benefit meditation and increase your ability to harness light energy, especially from lunar, elestial and celestial realms. In fact Selenite derives it’s name from the Greek goddess Selena, the moon goddess, and empowers the Divine feminine present in both male and female alike.  It thus carries a strong yin energy that soothes and calms yet also evokes a powerful transformative quality and can be particularly helpful in bringing  your shadow side into the light.