Ruby Fuchsite Essence

Ruby Fuschite Essence encourages balance and passion for life and is rejuvenating for tired and heavy emotions. As such, it may benefit motivational ailments that would hinder your creative expression. It is furthermore soothing to the heart, promoting forgiveness and healing from past trauma, as well as renewed love and increased sensuality. It may also help balance passion and patience as well as alleviating downstream conditions in your heart that may manifest as a result of toxic build up (within this Chakra). Physically, it may help to strengthen your heart by bringing vitality to the blood.

Ruby Fuschite Essence also helps to bring the Divine and altruistic love of the crown chakra into your higher heart center. This aids in elevating your sense of self-love and love for others into Christ-like unconditional love. It furthermore helps connect the root and heart chakras, assisting in grounding the higher love frequencies of your higher heart center. This can help to make the higher virtues of your heart more accessible in your daily life and all that you do. It also works to bolster your courage and experience of unconditional love.