Rubellite Tourmaline Essence (Dark Pink-Red)

Rubellite Tourmaline Essence is a “heart healer” that also acts on the root chakra and can help improve your relationships. It decreases energy loss that may happen from lack of grounding and/or not being present in your physical body. If you tend to feel threatened, insecure, and jealous, for instance, or have the tendency to be in a competitive mindset (i.e. instead of a creative one) with your romantic, business, familial and/or even social partnerships, Rubellite Tourmaline Essence can be especially helpful in transforming these energies. Rubellite Tourmaline Essence inspires manifesting your needs (and wants) through creative thought and action, instead of competition. Working with this Essence you may feel inspired and/or motivated to manifest your goals, and form healthy (non-competitive) alliances with others. If you feel stuck with where you’re at, this essence may be an excellent motivator to catalyze you into the flow of giving and receiving- the natural universal flow of all things.

Rubellite Tourmaline Essence can further help with your romantic relationships through its balancing action on your reproductive chakras. This is an excellent essence to work with if you are struggling to let go of an unhealthy relationship, or are plagued by jealousy and envy. It can moreover help enhance access to creativity, especially as it relates to increasing, conceiving, or birthing new ideas (or even new life). Through its action on your heart chakra, it further helps energetically recharge your blood, transmuting and repatterning unwanted and/or inherited beliefs.

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