Red Calcite Essence

Red Calcite Essence is an uplifting energizing essence that helps you connect with the grounding and nurturing energies of Mother Earth. It helps you to stay present and be in the “now” and can be beneficial for alleviating the tendency to “space out”. It helps you to define and hold [appropriate] energetic boundaries and increases your awareness and protection from people who would try to control or take from you. Red Calcite Essence is a restorative essence that rejuvenates your spirit and inspires motivation and passion for life. It further promotes bravery and courage and can help you step outside your comfort zone, taking risks necessary to move forward in life.

Physically, Red Calcite relates to the blood and muscles, as well as energies of the spleen and reproductive systems. It’s Essence [energetically] benefits circulation and can help clear inherited patterns stored in your bloodline. It has a calming, nurturing energy that can improve the emotional connection to your mother (and other females) as well as help open and ground your root and base chakras, strengthening energies related to birth and the reproductive system. Red Calcite Essence may also be stabilizing during your menses – and/or other hormonal changes – as well as during times of change and imbalance.

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