Purple Pearl Essence carries the energy of luck and prosperity. It helps attract positive energy and bestows good fortune. True to its color, the Purple Pearl Essence bestows energies of royalty, wisdom, and worthiness, as well as deepens meditation and ignites powers of transformation. It furthermore cultivates introspection, balancing and opening of your third eye and heightened states of intuition. It also ignites your creative passions and can inspires you to increasingly creative states, even awakening dormant artistic ability.

Purple Pearl Essence helps balance your masculine and feminine energies, and according to tradition, may even be helpful when trying to conceive. It has a luminescent quality that may be especially powerful for attuning to the feminine aspects of the Moon. Like the Moon Herself, it allows for the deep insight needed to see into your own darkness – or shadow – so that you can shine the light on what is needed to transform and heal. It also has a protective and reflective quality, and may help you mirror back unwanted energies.

Working with Purple Pearl Essence can help you to eradicate unwanted mental and emotional stress, irritation and/or other perceived impediments that have accumulated in your energy to the point of physical manifestations (ie pain, discomfort, agitation, etc). Moreover, if you find yourself particularly irritated or annoyed with a certain individual or situation, working with this essence can help you to have greater compassion for that person – as well as yourself – and to layer by layer, begin to release the energies contributing to it.

Purple Pearl Essence would be ideal if you are a teacher, philosopher, artist and/or are spiritual, as well as if you are a mother, therapist, psychologist, and of course… someone that is easily irritated by others!