Purple Fluorite Essence

Purple Fluorite Essence works with the third chakra to help open up the spirit connection to the mind. This may help with feelings of loneliness, sadness, and fear, as it keeps the mind and spirit connected. Purple Fluorite Essence is especially beneficial for mental focus, as it helps to clear unneeded energies that you may pick up on the astral plane, allowing you to more easily take in new information. It helps facilitate a connection with your higher self and allows you to receive higher guidance that you are able to easily assimilate. It balances the 6th and the 7th chakras, aiding meditation and your spiritual connection. Purple Fluorite Essence also connects with the energy of the Violet Flame, a Divine frequency believed to bring spiritual transformation and advancement If psychic communication is a gift that you possess, this essence may help you to advance your abilities, and also encourage you to use these skills responsibly and safely. Purple Fluorite Essence may also benefit the energy field associated with the teeth and bones.

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