Pink Topaz Essence

Pink Topaz Essence inspires joy and positivity, and invokes harmony and creativity. It helps raise your vibration, enabling you to channel your life issues and problems (i.e. “drama”) into a creative outlet, and funneling your negative experiences toward the creation of something new and better.  Pink Topaz Essence further opens your heart and root chakras, helping you attract and manifest the people and situations in life that benefit your highest good.

Pink Topaz Essence attracts romance and higher love, helping you overcome difficulties so that you manifest loving relationships and can acquire the partner of your dreams.  If you’re already in a relationship, it may help you manifest higher love so that your relationships can last, beyond early phases of infatuation, and grow in depth overtime.  Pink Topaz Essence further inspires romance and may help you attract the kind of higher love that lasts a lifetime.  It helps you see through the glamour of love, helping you in getting beyond the superficial aspects that indubitably fade with time.

Pink Topaz Essence can help if you’re prone to obsessive thought patterns in partnerships or relationships- especially those that lead to jealousy and/or mental patterns of obsession. It can benefit you in karmic relationships or “star-crossed lover” situations; it helps you break unhealthy mental patterns so that you know when you need to let go and move on.  It helps rejuvenate your heart and vision, inspiring you to move toward the future and move away from unrequited love and past pain.

Pink Topaz Essence can moreover help rejuvenate visual fatigue. Tip: It can be beneficial to put Pink Topaz Essence drops over eyelids or spray Shanti Kai™ Master Topaz around your temples, forehead, and/or mist above the eye areas to stop “tired eyes,” and rejuvenate your sense of vision. It may even energetically benefit you if you have degenerative eye issues, when used consistently over time, along with other conscious living practices.

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