Pink Sapphire Essence

Pink Sapphire Essence stimulates and opens the third eye chakra, bestowing gifts of insight and wisdom. It has a fiery, yet soft quality, helping purify judgments and criticisms that would blind you from seeing the truth, and clearing the way for spiritual transformation. Pink Sapphire Essence also promotes emotional healing, helping you to reopen your heart, especially if you’ve been emotionally wounded.

Pink Sapphire Essence further promotes resilience, helping to soften the edge on life’s transitions. Its essence supports reprogramming of subconscious, societal and often inherited beliefs around aging, instead inspiring the concept of aging into enlightenment. Pink Sapphire Essence encourages you to embrace your “goddess within”, helping you to experience your own Divine Feminine.

Additionally this essence supports clearing of energies surrounding your heart, such as your breast and chest area, as they often store resentments and other emotions as part of the heart chakra. As such, this is an excellent essence for invoking the Divine Mother while meditating on your heart chakra.

Suggestion: Apply this essence as part of our Master Sapphire spray over your third eye prior to meditation or breath work. Visualize judgments and criticisms clearing as your third eye is purified and your awareness expands. Alternatively you may take Pink or Master Sapphire Essence orally before meditating; this is especially beneficial for working with cleansing and meditating on your heart. Simply take a few deep expansive breaths and visualize your heart center burning away any impurities, such as resentments and grudges. You may imagine a fiery pink light filling your heart and third eye areas, and invoke the Divine Mother in any of her many forms.

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