Pink Diamond Essence

Pink Diamond Essence inspires an uprising and outpouring of unconditional love and acceptance from “within to without”. It opens the heart and third eye chakras to higher levels of vision that exist only in the presence of pure unconditional love. In this way, through pure love energy, it helps dissolve energetic blockages that would hinder your visionary capacity and block your development of divine sight. This is the kind of love that creates miracles by changing the frequencies of the heart, which then pulsate throughout you and elevate the frequency of your entire being. It may also be especially helpful for increasing unconditional love and acceptance in your relationships, especially romantic partnerships. It encourages contentment, loyalty and commitment. It encourages you to see the best in your partner, through the eyes of love, letting go of any harshness and judgment and increasing pure, gentle love energy. Pink Diamond Essence can also help to inspire your creative vision and help you channel this love energy in all you create and express.

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