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Heightens 6th Sense
Balances Sacral Chakra
Rejuvenates ~ Ignites Passion

May help energetically balance the reproductive system which governs hormones and sexuality. It may be especially useful for those with low energy or low drives to bring in a new spark.

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Orpiment Essence

Orpiment Essence can help energetically balance the sacral chakra, which houses your reproductive system and governs your hormones and sexuality. It can be especially useful if you tend to have low energy as its Essence acts as a sort of catalyst, helping you rejuvenate and recharge. Orpiment Essence further helps bring renewed energy to long-standing relationships, encouraging passion, appreciation, strength, and stability.

If you tend to be shy or overly introverted, Orpiment Essence can help you step into your own socially; it adds a spark of the flamboyant and can help you tap a more creative, less constricted vein. Orpiment Essence also helps stimulate your sixth-sense and can benefit you during times when heightened powers of intuition and/ or greater awareness and perspective are needed.

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