Orange Calcite Essence

Orange Calcite Essence balances and aligns the second or Sacral Chakra. It is rejuvenating for your emotions and harmonizing to your relationships. Orange Calcite Essence furthermore works to dispel pain, sadness, and sorrow and is cleansing to creative blocks – i.e. especially those that result from low self-esteem, feelings of rejection, self-doubt and/or depression*. It moreover helps balance and cleanse the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual subtle bodies as well as helps harmonize you in body, mind, and spirit.

Orange Calcite Essence is a good choice if you’re an artist, especially if you tend to “swing” emotionally or if you only tend to create when you’re in a “dark place”. It’s Essence can help you learn to find inspiration in the Light and to channel that Light into your creative endeavors.

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