Milk Opal Essence

Milk Opal (sometimes called Opalite or Clear Opal) Essence carries a soft, healing yin energy that is helpful for balancing feminine energy. It helps to ease the emotions and can help aid your stability, especially during times of change and transition; it helps return your energy to its original vibrational state after encountering turmoil and/or upset. Its essence moreover has a clarifying energy that promotes mental focus and helps stimulate intuition. It’s beneficial for accessing the root cause of imbalance- be it physical,spiritual, mental and/or emotional – so that any problem can become solvable. Opalite Essence has an otherworldly, ethereal energy that helps you access other realms and dimensions. This makes it a great essence for meditation, subconscious mind-body work, healing, and dreamwork. It. may also help you to address the energy underlying issues with heavy and/or depressed emotions*, fatigue, nervous energy, and/ or exhaustion. Milk Opal may moreover help attune you to the feminine aspect of lunar energy and be a good essence to use if you tend toward emotional distress, insomnia, mood swings, and/or other imbalance during full moons or other celestial cycles.