Louisiana Agate Essence

Shanti Kai™️ Louisiana Agate Essence was made from minerals mined and gifted by Doug and Molly McKenzie of the Coyote Moon in Baton Rouge, on their private land along the Mississippi River.

Louisiana Agate is primarily a mixture of gold/yellow and red brown hues and its essence is especially grounding and nurturing for your soul. It helps harmonize the energies of air, water, earth, and fire within you, and has a balancing effect on your solar plexus and root chakras. It also works to [energetically] enhance circulation- especially in your lower extremities (ie root, legs and feet)- and to strengthen and promote energies of digestion. Louisiana Agate Essence moreover helps you to balance desire with intellect and to invoke both passion for life and a desire for learning. It also works within your energy to help you cultivate a mentality of abundance… so that you attract the opportunity you need to manifest your own flavor of success.

Louisiana Agate Essence breeds a sense of belonging and contentment- a sense of family and rootedness that reminds you of who you are at your core, regardless of where you came from. Indeed it both deepens family ties and, at the same time, helps to hone your sense of individuality so you can find your place in this world. Louisiana Agate Essence has a cleansing energy that promotes and restores emotional balance and encourages personal transformation. If you tend to be somewhat rough or emotionally jaded, this essence can help you to soften your heart and smooth your rough edges so you learn to let yourself relax, and go with the flow.

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