Light Blue Sapphire Essence

Light Blue Sapphire Essence is for working with the throat and third eye chakras, as it can assist you with all forms of communication (and expression). It’s Essence invokes serenity and peace of mind, and may benefit your overall sense of mental and emotional clarity, memory, intuition, and insight. Light Blue Sapphire is a stone of awakening and it’s Essence empowers you to see the truth in all situations; it beguiles you to speak from this place without shyness, fear, or doubt. It further evokes powers of focus and increased mental calm, as well as helps ease writer’s block and other impediments to your artistic expression. It inspires a synchronistic flow between your thoughts and words, and is a good essence for communing with other dimensions. It is believed to be especially helpful for communing with the angelic realms and requesting help for your loved ones.

Shanti Kai™️ Light Blue Sapphire was hand-mined by the owner of Shanti Kai™️ in Montana; the source material for this blend has never been exposed to chemicals, harmful rays, dyes or other unnatural substance.

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