Kornerupine Essence

Kornerupine works to align you with energies of motivation, guidance, and direction- and can be just the essence you need when facing a crossroads in life. Its essence directs you through impulse (rather than logic), enhancing your problem solving, intuitive and decision making skills. It is a valuable essence for increasing confidence and easing feelings of worry, unworthiness, and doubt. Its action on the Anahata or Heart Chakra can moreover help you overcome heavy, anxious or depressed feelings, and can be valuable for releasing emotional scars (and restoring balance). If you’re battling addictive behaviors, patterns of excess, feelings of complacency, ambivalence and/ or apathy, Kornerupine can also be the perfect Essence for inspiring breakthrough and change. Its stone has long since been used as a talisman to attract prosperity and good luck.