Jeremejevite Essence

Jeremejevite Essence invokes feelings of deep inner bliss. It relaxes your energy on all levels of being, enabling you to more readily experience greater levels of joy and meaning in life. Bliss, simply stated, means that you are content in the current moment without wanting for anything more… and it is this feeling of bliss that sums up the true beauty and magic of Jeremejevite Essence. The ease and relaxation that Jeremejevite Essence brings can help release tension and “pent-up” energy (and emotion) throughout your entire being – mind, body, spirit. Simultaneously, it can help you develop deep gratitude, acceptance and joy in your life, just as things are (not as you think they ought to be).

Jeremejevite Essence can furthermore help connect you to the nature realm, and if you believe in such things, you might even experience “fairy energy”. It’s also an excellent essence to work with for meditation, dreamwork, dream interpretation and recall. It may also benefit softening speech and improving dialogue in relationships. Moreover, Jeremejevite is a very rare mineral that hails from very few locations in Africa. Its stone carries an energy of Divinity that is unique, and similarly, its essence helps you tap that within yourself which is also unique. It inspires deep contentment – the kind that wells up from within – what is known in Sanskrit as “mukti”. To have “mukti” is to feel that whatever life you have is the greatest life you could possibly live; in short it means you desire nothing because you are already steeped in contentment – you live in the feeling as if you already have everything.

You may experience everything that Jeremejevite Essence has to offer the first time you use it, but then again, you may find its efficacy is more like a crescendo… that you must work with it over time and gradually build to this higher experience.