Imperial Topaz Essence

Imperial Topaz Essence, also known as “precious topaz”, helps you attract spiritual wealth of the highest kind. It also increases your ability to manifest the things you need to live your life more fully. It attunes your higher chakras and ascension chakras with the Christ light, instilling frequencies of unconditional love and acceptance. Imperial Topaz Essence further has a fiery, purifying energy that can help transmute negative energies before they infiltrate your aura and reach your physical body. This fiery energy that it possesses, ties into the “violet flame of transmutation” which helps to purify negative energy; the violet flame exists above your crown and also is part of your ascension process. In this way Imperial Topaz is not only an Essence of manifestation and purification but also of protection. It strengthens your aura and shields you from negativity and lower vibrations that may be coming off others, transmuting lower vibrations before they come into your environment.

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