Honey Calcite Essence

Honey Calcite Essence promotes confidence and works synergistically with your second (sacral) and 3rd (solar plexus) chakras, bringing balance and easing feelings of overwhelm. It assists in the removal of energetic blocks in these regions thereby promoting optimism and bringing an overall sense of mental/ emotional balance. It also works to alleviate mental attachments- its energy promotes cutting through tendencies toward distraction and procrastination and reestablishing your connection to focus and clarity.

Honey Calcite Essence may be especially beneficial to use when studying or looking for work to expand in your career. It teaches responsibility with power, and may help you to recover and heal, especially if you’ve been in a situation wherein someone abused their power. It may also help you to realize that no one can ever really take your power, and helps you to recognize your role as a creator.

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