Green Tourmaline Essence

Green Tourmaline Essence helps open and balance your heart chakra and brings healing and restoration to your emotional subtle body. It promotes emotional balance and inspires overall well-being. It carries rejuvenating properties that would benefit energy depletion and issues of fatigue and/or nervous exhaustion. It encourages forgiveness, release of resentment and letting go of grudges, helping you release and move on.

Green Tourmaline Essence further helps attune your energy to healing realms of nature, facilitating growth and reviving your desire to heal and expand. It can help to restore balance to the heart chakra, as well as help clear related issues- such as with the thymus (higher heart chakra), lungs, blood and skin (i.e. all parts of this important energy center). It can also help you align with material growth and prosperity, and when consciously worked with (ie over time), can help you manifest opportunity and align with good fortune.

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