Green Topaz Essence

Green Topaz Essence inspires growth and healing and can aid you in renewing and rejuvenating your heart chakra energy. This can be beneficial in breaking patterns of excess, addiction, envy and jealousy- patterns that can result in nervous exhaustion, insecurity, low self esteem and other emotional imbalance (such as anxiousness and depression). Green Topaz Essence has cleansing effects on the subtle emotional body, especially as it relates to the heart chakra, and has a downstream effect that can benefit your physical body. By aiding the release of trauma, your heart can expand and open to love, instead of contracting and closing in pain.

Green Topaz Essence also has an expansive effect on your emotions and affections; it inspires generosity with love, and luck with money. It can help you draw in prosperity- especially if you have pure intentions. It further promotes an open heart and inspires emotional purity. It enhances your ability to forgive, helping you release judgment, shame, and bitterness. It encourages the virtues of equanimity and equipoise; of having a universally open heart. Indeed, this is a very high level essence for emotional healing. When working with this essence longterm, your outlook on life is more easily elevated. Even in suffering or times of great stress and/or challenge, Green Topaz Essence can evoke the inner equipoise needed to carry yourself with grace.

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