Green Sapphire Essence

Green Sapphire Essence acts on the heart chakra helping you attract healing and growth. It can increase your inner joy, helping you feel more alive, and inspiring overall rejuvenation and awareness. Green Sapphire Essence also helps dissipate feelings of jealousy and envy, as well as acts to allay symptoms of nervous exhaustion. It further can help ease tendencies toward addiction and excess, as well as emotional heaviness and feelings of depression. When used alongside a new business endeavor or goal, its Essence can help bring energies of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

Green Sapphire Essence is further believed to stimulate healing needed for recovery from prolonged stress and emotional trauma. It is an excellent essence to align you with Raphael, the Archangel that oversees all planetary healing, and that governs nature’s hierarchical realms. It can also benefit healing in animals, and is valued for promoting relaxation and rejuvenation . Additionally, it is believed to assist with dream recall, benefit “tired eyes” and help you replenish while you sleep.

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