Green Ghost Quartz Essence

Green Ghost Quartz Essence can help to facilitate healing, regeneration and detoxification on multiple levels, and aligns all the major energy centers. It facilitates a strong connection with Mother Earth and can help you discharge excess emotional energy into the Earth, where it can then be transformed. It is indeed a mysterious Essence, one of spiritual transformation and that can also be used for collective and group healings.

Green Ghost Quartz Essence can also help you with grounding and balancing your energy, helping you align all of your chakras with that of your heart. It acts as a conduit for your heart and is an excellent Essence for you if you’re a healer -or simply someone in need of healing- to help you awaken and attune to you and/ or your clients’ needs. Green Ghost Quartz Essence helps you to reach new spiritual heights and levels of personal evolution. It connects you with the angelic realms and can help you to release karmic energies that may be holding you back

Green Ghost Quartz Essence helps you to connect your self-effort with the element of grace- making accessible the spiritual energies of manifestation as well as the discipline needed to bring them to fruition. It brings protection from -and helps to transmute- harmful energies, especially those from the environment. Green Ghost Quartz Essence may also benefit nutrient absorption [on an energetic level] as well as regenerative properties for bone healing, skin, and muscle health.

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