Green Fluorite Essence

Green Fluorite Essence helps you repel negative energy and has a cleansing effect on your aura. Used internally, as drops, it helps in flushing energetic toxins and clearing lower vibrational energies from within. Used as a Spray in our Fluorite Master Blend, it can also help flush toxins from your environment, which may be especially beneficial before using a room or space for long hours of work, study or other required focus.

Green Fluorite Essence inspires clarity, bringing mental clarity to your mind and emotional clarity to your heart. It has long since been renowned for focusing the mind and calming the nervous system. It helps with the healing of issues regarding your heart, such as aiding addictions and other habits that stem from subconscious and unconscious beliefs, trauma, and stored pain. It does this by increasing feelings of safety so necessary to gaining access to information stored in your sub and/or unconscious mind. It can further help bring emotional balance, and aid issues of low energy, lack of motivation, feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

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