Green Diamond Essence

Green Diamond Essence invokes qualities of commitment, trust and prosperity. It inspires loyalty, emotional love and inner healing as well as eases feelings of jealousy, envy and greed. Green Diamond Essence helps you detoxify invasive energies and entities that would put stress and strain on your system, ultimately causing illness and other maladies to occur. Like Shanti Kai™ Master Diamond, it targets your upper chakras – 3rd Eye and Crown – but also that of your Heart. It is an ideal essence to work with for stress defense and/or anytime you’re coming under the weather. Green Diamond Essence quickens the speed at which your energy field can process and assimilate new frequencies of light- enabling you to break down and clear blockages more rapidly. This in turn opens your energy to higher levels of healing and rejuvenation, laying the groundwork for total healing and restoration.

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