Green Apatite Essence

Green Apatite Essence has traditionally been used to help restore the body’s physical and emotional vitality as well as deepen your connection to the earth and nature realms and promote inner peace and joy. It helps restore your regenerative powers, and is especially potent for the energies around your heart, helping promote peace and relaxation through the breath. Through it’s vibrational effect of elevating the energy field of your 3rd & 4th chakras, and cleansing and recharging their related subtle energy bodies, Green Apatite Essence helps clear subconscious and unconscious blockages; blocks that would hinder the flow of love and light to your heart and cause mental and emotional imbalance to occur.

Green Apatite Essence may also help you with focus and can assist you in establishing energetic boundaries in a way that enables you to stay on track with your goals. If you tend to get distracted by your emotions or those of others around you, Green Apatite Essence can help you “stay the course” so that you progress along your path. This essence can help revivify your sense of power and purpose in the world, helping you experience greater love for whatever you do.

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