Golden Topaz Essence

Shanti Kai™ Golden Topaz Essence is like taking liquid sunshine and is all about letting yourself shine. It amplifies qualities of generosity and magnetizes harmonious energies to you; it also helps attract wealth and prosperity, and aligns you with abundance consciousness. While this can help you to more easily experience prosperity, it also teaches that true prosperity results from finding harmony within and sharing that harmony with others.

Golden Topaz Essence moreover encourages optimism, success, and good luck. It has an uplifting energy that may benefit you if you experience heavy energies such as depression* or sadness, emotional imbalance, feelings of unworthiness, and/or if you tend to be shy. It has a clarifying effect on your mental/emotional state and when used early in the morning can help recharge your mind-power (especially when used before being outdoors in early morning sunlight).

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