Girasol Quartz Essence

Girasol Quartz Essence is calming and relaxing, while encouraging mental contemplation and reflective states of mind. It may help you to see deep into people and situations and know the truth, helping you observe without attachment. In this way, it can aid with clarifying relationships and communication issues, allowing you to see into the truth of matters, and thereby eliminating doubt. In life, especially with conflict or complicated matters, it may help you to know yourself, helping you rise above issues and aiding you in taking a higher perspective; it can help you to see clearly, and not get caught up in negative emotion. It encourages creative thinking and problem solving, and may help return un-wanted energy back to its source. It increases your yin energy, and can aid you in harmonizing with the moon cycles, promoting better emotional balance and equilibrium throughout the month. If you’re female, this may translate to menstrual cycles, helping you energetically equilibrate to your body’s changing tide. Tip: Add to purified or spring water, set an intention or affirmation for the water, such as “CALM” or “CLARITY” and drink throughout the day. Similarly you may add to bath water and do the same.

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