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Reflects Unwanted Energy
Aligns 3rd & Heart Chakras
Evokes the Divine Feminine




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Garnierite Essence

Garnierite Essence acts on the energy of the heart and solar plexus chakras, helping to bring balance to your mind and clarity to your emotions. It is particularly beneficial in softening emotional stress and increasing peace and wholeness of mind. It’s Essence helps attract the confidence to pursue your heart’s desire and to attract the necessary support to ensure success. Known as the “accumulation stone”, Garnierite is believed to increase your powers of attraction and enhance your ability to draw in money. Its Essence can help you purge old limiting beliefs around lack- especially regarding finances, and debt. It can moreover help awaken your aspirations so that you feel motivated toward the work you were born to do. Garnierite Essence moreover has a protective and reflective quality that can strengthen your shielding, helping to ward off invasive energies.

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