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Eases Jealousy & Envy
Understand Relationship Karma
Aids Self-Love & Spiritual Growth

Eudialyte Essence is especially good for helping individuals (especially females) release jealousy, envy, and the tendency to feel threatened in their relationships by other women.

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Eudialyte Essence

Eudialyte Essence helps relieve tension, especially in crystalline parts of the body. This is a very deep process which brings up lifetimes of tension as it starts to release. Also helps relieve jealousy and envy; especially in females or related to female energy. It can help you find healthy ways to resolve and fulfill longings of the heart that are not within reach. It can help you let go and release partnerships and situations, accepting when deeper energetic blocks may be at play. This essence may help you gain deeper insight into karmic blocks or relationships/partnerships that no matter how much you give you can’t manifest or sustain, such as star crossed lover phenomena, where you may feel intense passion or love but your paths are karmically blocked from aligning (e.g. in this lifetime). Eudialyte may also help you to heal from heartache and disappointment, and to get your passion and love back. It can help you gain insight into the purpose of each relationship in your life, thereby helping you find patience with difficult partnerships/connections. It can further help catalyze you toward self-love, spiritual growth, and finding and living your highest potential.

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