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Transformation ~ Healing
Meditation ~ Spiritual Growth
Divine Purpose ~ Forgiveness

Awakens or affirms one Higher Purpose- Divine purpose.  Helps people consciously understand why they are here (on Earth) at this time.

In stock (can be backordered)

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Erythrite Essence

Erythrite assists with deep inner transformation and finding your divine purpose and unique path here on this earth. It is also an amplifier for healing, aiding energy associated with blood, heart and crown chakras. When your heart holds resentment it can block the path forward; forgiveness is needed, and then the light can flood in and illuminate the way. Often underlying traumas must be unmasked and released before you can heal and move forward. When things appear stuck or stagnant, Erythrite Essence may help you find your inner truth, where you are blocked, or to hold the space while others become unblocked.

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