Chrysocolla Azurite


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Bridging Your Mind and Voice
Channeling Your Highest Wisdom
Connecting with Archangel Michael

This essence helps with the ability to clearly channel higher wisdom. It helps open the third eye so one can truly see beyond the illusion of the physical.

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Chrysocolla Azurite Essence

Chrysocolla Azurite Essence works to bridge your Throat and Third Eye Chakras, so that you can channel the higher wisdom of your mind and spirit through your “voice”- be it the written or spoken word (or some other artistic channel). Working with this Essence endows you with this ability in the sense that it helps alleviate blocks in your psyche that would prevent the flow of wisdom to come through you. It works to open your third eye so that you can truly see beyond the illusion of the physical constructs that surround you- and that create your third dimensional reality. Energetically this essence facilitates communication with Archangels, especially Michael.

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