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Compassion ~ Humility ~ Grace
Calms Mind ~ Stabilizes Heart
Invokes the Angels

This essence is very soft & feminine. Helps you embrace gentle speech and soft expression, while at the same time reaching for the stars & coming from a higher place.

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Chalcedony (Blue) Essence

Chalcedony Essence is very soft and feminine. It helps you embrace gentle speech and soft expression, while easing your breath and calming your body-mind. It works to release trauma from your sixth or 3rd eye chakra, as well as to bridge the gateway between your Heart (4th) and Throat (5th) chakras. It’s essence instills tranquility and inner peace, and encourages your words and actions to come from this place as well.

Chalcedony Essence soothes and calms emotional distress and for this reason can be beneficial to use acutely when under emotional duress- especially if a calm mind is needed or decisions must be made. It further promotes introspection, reflection and insight, helping reveal to you the truth of a situation and the grace to accept it.

It brings a special connection with the angels, especially those that work with humility, grace and forgiveness. Accordingly, it can be a great essence when dealing with grief and/ or the need to forgive, in order to move on. Chalcedony Essence teaches compassion (for self and others) and facilitates the release and healing of past trauma, especially a “wounded heart”. Because of this, it may be beneficial to work with in groups- for increasing empathy, compassion, and understanding amongst each other.

Chalcedony Essence works to [energetically] stabilize the heart chakra during times of transitions, and as such, can be a wonderful essence for “new beginnings”. The serenity it’s essence invokes, especially when used overtime, renders it ideal for a rest and relaxation. Chalcedony is moreover a great tool for generalized “sleep issues” and, although it’s essence doesn’t work like a traditional “sleep aid”, it can help with the quality and depth of your sleep… so that your dreams are more peaceful and your slumber is serene.

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