Cave Pearl Essence

Cave Pearls are magical creations believed to be a gift hailing directly from Source. As such they are believed to carry the energy of Leklai, a form of pure chi, or life force energy, that bestows healing properties. Likewise, it’s essence is believed to be a healing elixir carrying the properties of the stone, benefiting your health and magnifying healing energy. As such this can be an excellent essence to work with should your energy be ailing or should you be going through bouts of fatigue.

In ancient Buddhism, Cave Pearls were believed to be talismans, and to this day they continue to represent protection and safety and are thought to bring good luck. Similarly, Cave Pearl Essence has a protective energy that invokes a sort of bubble of protection in your field. It moreover carries the power of the nature realms from which it was formed, and the power of the elements to help repel negative energy. Because of its focusing power, Cave Pearl Essence can also benefit your meditation and spiritual practice. It carries a predominantly feminine energy that attunes you emotionally to both your inner world as well as those around you.